PLEASE NOTE: Each Location Is Unique In What Products They Carry. A Lot Of Our Stores & Markets Carry Only Our Pepperoni, Jerky & Mini Salami, Which Are Our Most Popular Items. If You Are Looking For A Specific Product Please Contact The Location To See If They Carry What You Are Looking For. We Also Offer Mail Orders With Free Shipping For Purchases Over $99

Knights Home Hardware 
232 Graham Road, West Lorne, ON N0L 2P0
Phone: (519) 768-1840

Natterjack Brewing Company 
10090 Talbot Line, West Lorne, ON N0L 2P0
Phone: (226) 289-1472

The Rodney Market 
237 Furnival Road, Rodney, ON N0L 2C0
Phone: (519) 785-3000

Artistic Interiors 
189 Currie Road, Dutton, ON N0L 1J0
Phone: (519) 762-0609 

McNaughton's Home Hardware 
22789 Hagerty Road, Newbury, ON N0L 1Z0
Phone: (519) 693-4484

Mike & Grace's No Frill's
275 Main Street, Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0
Phone: (519) 287-5264

Glencoe Ace Country & Garden
22466 Dundonald Rd., Hwy 80, Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0
Phone: (519) 287-3315

Joyce Farm Market 
15234, Longwoods Rd., Bothwell, ON N0P 1C0
Phone: (519) 437-7093

Lynhurst Variety
10090 Wellington Road. London, ON N5P 2K8
Phone: (519) 633-0002

Briwood Farm Market 
1030 Talbot Street, St Thomas, ON N5P 1G3
Phone: (519) 437-7093

Howe Family Farm Market Aylmer (CLOSED FOR THE SEASON)
48556 John Wise Line, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R4
Phone: (226) 238-7425

Howe's Farm Market & Country Bakery
11143 Highbury Ave., St Thomas, ON N5P 3T3 
Phone: (226) 244-1737 

Clovermead Adventure Farm  
11302 Imperial Road. Aylmer, ON N5H 2R3
Phone: (519) 773-5503

Bear Friend Factory
46349 Sparta Line, Sparta, ON N0L 2H0 
Phone: (519) 852-2161

Sassy's Thorndale
225 King Street, Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0 
Phone: (519) 461-1234

Appleland Station 
329 Richmond Street, Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0 
Phone: (519) 268-7794

London East Home Hardware
1780 Dundas Street E., London, ON N5W 3E5  
Phone: (519) 455-0661

Thomas Bros. Farm Market 
5856 Colonel Talbot Road. London, ON N6P 1J1 
Phone: (519) 652-9229

Your Farm Market - Woodstock
39 Young Street, Woodstock ON N4S 3L6 
Phone: (519) 320-0023

Oxford Feed & General Store
360 Harris Street, Ingersoll ON N5C 3J8 
Phone: (519) 425-0684

Red Dragon Dairy Ltd.
383723 Salford Road, Salford ON N0J 1W0 
Phone: (519) 425-0797

Brie's Fresh Market 
224276 Ostrander Road, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 4H1 
Phone: (519) 983-3924

The Country Butcher 
1580 Murphy Road, Sarnia ON N7S 5V4 
Phone: (519) 383-1515

The Nut Bar 
21380 London Rd., Sarnia, ON N7S 1P8 (inside Canadian Tire) 
Phone: (519) 479-0698

Wallaceburg Home Hardware 
1220 Dufferin Ave. Wallaceburg ON N8A 2W4 
Phone: (519) 627-6030 

Ridgetown Home Hardware 
86 Erie Street S., Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0 
Phone: (519) 674-5400

Dam Home Hardware 
6 Indian Creek Rd. E., Chatham ON N7M 4H1 
Phone: (226) 996-9839

Chatham-Kent Home Hardware
124 Keil Drive S., Chatham ON N7M 3H1 
Phone: (519) 354-0700

Grand East Home Hardware
300 Grand Ave. E., Chatham ON N7L 4K1 
Phone: (519) 354-2650

Mindful Market & Eco Hub 
104 Talbot Street W., Blenheim ON N0P 1A0 
Phone: (519) 800-6002

Greatview Orchards 
8677 Talbot Trail, Blenheim, ON N0P 1AO 
Phone: (519) 676-5493

Red Barn Brewing Company
20466 Lagoon Rd., Blenheim ON N0P 1A0 
Phone: (519) 480-3049

Rona Tilbury 
47 Mill Street East, Tilbury ON N0P 2L0 
Phone: (519) 682-1392

Tilbury Home Building Centre
76 Queen Street N., Tilbury ON N0P 2L0 
Phone: (519) 682-1180

Rona Comber 
6306 Main Street, Comber ON N0P 1JO 
Phone: (519) 687-2020

Belle River Home Hardware
625 Notre Dame Street, Belle River ON N0R 1A0  
Phone: (519) 

Seminole Home Hardware 
3930 Seminole Road, Windsor ON N8Y 4T2 
Phone: (519)

Yorktown Home Hardware 
1355 Grand Marais W., Windsor ON N9E 1E0 
Phone: (519)  

Burnt Bridge Quality Meats
20 Wolfe Avenue, Petawawa ON K8H 2S5  
Phone: (519)  

The Village Pantry
27 Main Street, Warkworth ON K0K 3K0   
Phone: (519)  

Whitehouse Meats
93 Front Street E. Toronto ON M5E 1C3 (St Lawrence Market)    
Phone: (519)  


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